Because, we are striving for the development & promotion of agriculture of our country, so we planed to motivate our people towards diversified trends of cultivation. Without any detailed controversy, we simply mention that we are trend setter in this field too. At the present time our “Model Cultivation Farms” have been spreaded over 1000 acres. We have adopted the latest technology for cultivation, We have introduced new, profitable & also fruitful ideas of traditional & non-traditional cultivation parameters to built awareness among our farmers. Particularly, in our farms the actual task is the production & procurement of quality seeds.


We grow & procure the seeds of following crops.

– Cotton – Wheat

– Rice      – Maize

– All kinds of vegetables


 No one can deny the importance of agriculture sector in the economy of any country. We therefore, striving day & night only for the promotion & stability of agriculture sector because, we are all depending upon this sector in any way directly or indirectly. It is our finding, conclusion that if any country gets failure to make its agriculture initiative, equipped with the latest cultivation technology, definitely there would be very dire consequences for its economy. This is so what, we are committed to put our all available sources for the protection , promotion & development of agriculture where ever & on if we provided an opportunity to do so.